Events at the gallery

Oct 13 - Oct 23rd 2014
Magnum Opus Gallery
Marshall custom shop tattoo series Exhibition
April 19 - May 19 2014
Magnum Opus Gallery
Marshall Custom Shop is pleased to announce the launch of the new Marshall Custom Tattoo range. This collaboration between the Marshall Custom Shop and five world renowned tattoo artists (including our very own Phil Kyle) has resulted in some of the most eye catching and original aesthetics seen on any guitar amplifier.

Head over to the Magnum Opus gallery between April 19th and May 19th 2014 to see all of these beautiful amplifiers on display.
Kan Lailey Exhibition
Feb 8 2014
Magnum Opus Gallery
Magnum Opus is proud to present an exhibition by Brighton photographer Kan Lailey.

Kan's unique view from the lens has brought him many fans and followers especially in the music industry where he has nurtured a real passion for the art over the years. Kan's expanding portfolio includes such artists as: Mumford and Sons, The Cure, Tiger Cub Proofs, Reflex Nutrition, Caged Baby and the mighty Sea Bastard.

Kan is also known for his incredible landscape and architecture photography, come and check it out and see Kan's amazing work for yourself at the Magnum Opus Gallery.

Gavin Watson "Skins"
Jan 15 2008
Magnum Opus Gallery
Magnum Opus' very first gallery event.

You can see some of Gavin Watson's astounding photographs in the unpretentious surroundings of the basement at Brighton's Magnum Opus Tattoo (33 Upper North Street, Brighton: tel 01273 271432) from Tuesday, January 15 to Saturday, March 1 2008
Unplugged II
Jan 2009
Magnum Opus Gallery
Unplugged II was reborn at Magnum Opus in 2009.The first show was in Antwerp at the Meckanic Strip. Unplugged II was put on just before the 2009 Brighton tattoo convention. Sponsored by VANS, Gentlemans Tattoo Flash, Total Tattoo magazine, Tattoo Soup, Liquor Brand, Wildcat, Monster, Lucky 7 Supply.

There is a beautful hard cover book available of this art show via
Myles Karr
Nov 15, 2012
Magnum Opus Gallery
New York Artsit Myles Karr showing his talents at the Magnum Opus Gallery.
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Sept 11 2012
Magnum Opus Gallery
The LORD OF LOGOS himself Christophe Szpadel graces the walls of the gallery with his unique logos for many bands from black metal to more.
Gavin Watson "Neville"
Feb 2011
Magnum Opus Gallery
Magnum Opus proud to have Gavin Watson back for his second show with us."Neville"
July 1, 2013
Magnum Opus Gallery
Our first SOLO exhibition at Magnum Opus, Brighton.
Visit our vault of the occult and be encompassed by the 4 princes of Hell.
Who knows what Faustian deal you may strike.

It promises to be an evening you won't soon forget and can never unsee. Bring your soul and be prepared to leave a little piece of it behind.
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