Help & FAQs
Please give us a hand by being very specific with your ideas and references. A detailed description with references, links and or photos attached to your mail are a big help.

Here is the information you need to fully book your appointment.

Send us an email to containing the following:

1. A detailed description of the design to be tattooed

2. Reference material (pictures, drawings or anything that might be useful to the design)

3. Rough measurements of the area to be tattooed

4. indicate which dates you are available for the appointment

5. If it is a cover up or addition to an existing tattoo, a photo of the area to be tattooed

6. Include in your email: your full details, your name and mobile number

Please keep emails to a minimum. (2 to 3 maximum for a booking is a big help as we're busy tattooing!)

The Money bit.

A deposit is required before your design will be started and is non-refundable

The day your dates are confirmed you must also send the deposit that same day

Only one redraw per design if they are only minor changes

Complete change of mind to a new design will mean rebooking and loss of deposit

The deposit will go towards the price of the tattoo and secures your appointment with the artist
It can be sent via Paypal which details we will send along via emai reply.

Session work:

If you are in session work such as a large sleeve or back, your deposit will continue to roll over until
the last session. We have found it is much easier then rebooking and sending another deposit after each sitting. Try to book your session consecutively in one go. Sessions must be at least 3 weeks
apart for your tattoo to heal in between sessions

If you cancel a week before, this will result in loss of deposit. Changing appointments more than
twice, will also result in loss of deposit and a new deposit will be required

Pricing is based on 2 schemes.

Session rate for larger designs requiring multiple sessions,
such as sleeves

One off designs only needing one session is where prices vary
on the design

We will let you know which pricing you are going to be in when
you make your enquiry

Prices are always liable to change due to many factors

Drawing time is included in price estimations and any requests of
change of design are eligible for a supplement in the cost. Drawings
take many hours to create as do the tattoos

One off pieces always vary pertaining to size and the design its self and placement.
All the terms apply for these as well.

Gift Certificates are available at all times and for any occassion.

For availability or bookings call or email:

telephone: +44 (0)1273 271432

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United Kingdom

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